API Author List Now Available

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new API feature that allows users to generate a JSON array of all available authors in the ZenQuotes database. Each entry comes complete with Author Name, API Tag, and pre-formatted link.

Simply use the following API call: https://zenquotes.io/api/authors/[your_key] to generate the list. You will need to append your API key to the provided links within your app in order to retrieve quotes. See the example output below:

  	"a": "Abraham Lincoln",
  	"t": "abraham-lincoln",
  	"i": "https://zenquotes.io/img/abraham-lincoln.jpg",
  	"l": "https://zenquotes.io/api/quotes/author/abraham-lincoln/"
// ...MORE DATA... //
  	"a": "Zig Ziglar",
  	"t": "zig-ziglar",
  	"l": "https://zenquotes.io/api/quotes/author/zig-ziglar/"
  • a = Author display name
  • t = Author tag
  • i = Author image (if available)
  • l = Author link

You can also use this call to generate a list of authors from your custom list by adding the ‘custom=true’ command (API key required). For more information how how to interact with the ZenQuotes API, check out the full documentation.