Developer Project Examples

We are always excited to see the various ways developers like to integrate the ZenQuotes API with their projects. Here you will find a collection of project examples and tutorials that exhibit our many use cases.

Twilio Inspirational Messaging Service


Inspire and stay connected with your friends and loved ones, by using ZenQuotes with Twilio Messaging and Go. This tutorial can serve as a great starting point for building communication tools that will allow you to build a Go application that sends inspiring messages via SMS using Twilio Messaging Service to a list of your friends.

Vivaldi Browser Start Page Quotes

JavaScript | nomadic

This mod for the Vivaldi Web Browser will show quotes provided by ZenQuotes API on the new tab page with quotes refreshed manually, daily, on an interval of hours, or every time you view the startpage.

Clean Start

JavaScript | Michael Sprague

This PWA start page by mikesprague shows random quotes provided by ZenQuotes API along with background images from the Unsplash API and current temp/conditions from OpenWeatherMap.

Encourage Discord Bot

Python | Rodrigo Carraco Rodrigues (@rodrigorod)

A simple discord bot that allows users to randomly get Inspirational quotes messages and gives motivational encouragements whenever someone says that they are sad or depressed.


Windows | Unerasable

A Windows based anti-procrastination tool that warns a user whenever they open a distracting application and provides motivation with some inspirational quotes provided by the Zenquotes API.

Slack Channel Inspiration

Node.js | Amit Mukherjee

This very cool tutorial by Amit Mukherjee on Medium shows how you can use GitHub Actions along with the ZenQuotes API to send random quotes to your Slack channel. By using cron jobs you can set how often quotes are delivered.

Catbot Discord Bot

Discord |

A bot for things from games to Catboys and more, this discord bot has an extensive list of commands that includes random qutoes powered by the ZenQuotes API.

Daily Quote Card Twitter Bot

twitter | @PresentaSw

PRESENTA is the automation platform for data-driven presentational documents. Their twitter bot implements the ZenQuotes On This Day API to generate a daily history card using images pulled from the unsplash API.

ZenQuotes Twitter Bot

PHP | @ZenQuotesIO

The official ZenQuotes Twitter Bot delivers words that inspire and provoke thought to your twitter feed every few hours. It utilizes the API and a simple PHP cron job.

Name That Quote Trivia Game

JavaScript |

In this simple JavaScript multiple-choice trivia game, you try and match a random quote with its Author. There is no time limit, and multiple levels of difficulty are available. Game data is powered by the ZenQuotes API. Play Name That Quote

ZenQuotes Start Page

JavaScript |

The official ZenQuotes start page is a fully customizable web app with various modules including random quotes and historical events. Also included is sunrise/sunset, weather conditions, bookmarks manager, and more!

Life By Mind

If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, motivation, and Zen, join our community of like-minded individuals who are on the path to inner peace and happiness.

Life By Mind is dedicated to helping you start your day on a positive note, stay motivated, and find inner peace. Inspired by ZenQuotes, our daily readings are short and sweet, so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule.