Find instant Zen with this one-click browser hack

In today’s world, where we are constantly bombarded with news and social media, it can be challenging to find moments of peace and inspiration. That’s where a ZenQuotes bookmarklet can come in handy. By creating a bookmarklet that fetches a random entry from ZenQuotes, you can instantly access a moment of peace and tranquility directly […]

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Developer Project Examples

We are always excited to see the various ways developers like to integrate the ZenQuotes API with their projects. Here you will find a collection of project examples and tutorials that exhibit our many use cases. Twilio Inspirational Messaging Service Go | DOTUN JOLAOSO Inspire and stay connected with your friends and loved ones, by […]

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ZenQuotes Documentation

The ZenQuotes API is an incredibly easy to use data feed for your website or app. Developers love integrating our service into their projects. Some common use cases include: start pages, Discord bots, mental health apps, and IoT devices. See Project Examples It is our goal to provide a quality, reliable API that both inspires […]

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